Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society Vol 35 Num 2 2012

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1. The Linear Arboricity of the Schrijver Graph SG(2k + 2,k)
     Bing Xue and Liancui Zuo

2. Scaling on Diagonal Quasi‐Newton Update for Large‐Scale Unconstrained Optimization
     Wah June Leong, Mahboubeh Farid and Malik Abu Hassan

3. On Topological Congruences of a Topological Semigroup
     Behnam Khosravi

4. Cohomology and Stability of Generalized Sasakian Space‐Forms
     Maria Cîrnu

5. Characterizations of Term‐Rank Preservers over Boolean Matrices
     Kyung‐Tae Kang and Seok‐Zun Song

6. Inversion of the Dunkl‐Hermite Semigroup
     Néjib Ben Salem and Walid Nefzi

7. Positive Solutions for Discrete Sturm‐Liouville‐Like Four‐Point p‐Laplacian Boundary Value Problems
     Meng Zhang, Shurong Sun and Zhenlai Han

8. Numerical Methods for Sequential Fractional Differential Equations for Caputo Operator
     G. B. Loghmani and S. Javanmardi

9. Radius of Univalence of Certain Combination of Univalent and Analytic Functions
     M. Obradović, S. Ponnusamy and N. Tuneski

10. Completely Simple and Regular Semi Hypergroups
       Hossein Mousa Jafarabadi, Nor Haniza Sarmin and Mohammad Reza Molaei

11. Weak Annihilator over Extension Rings
       Lunqun Ouyang and Gary F. Birkenmeier

12. The Existence of Three Positive Solutions to Integral Type BVPs for Second Order ODEs with One‐Dimensional p‐Laplacian
       Yuji Liu

13. Existence of Nonconstant Periodic Solutions for a Nonlinear Discrete System Involving the p‐Laplacian
      Zhiming Luo and Xingyong Zhang

14. Existence of Traveling Waves of Conservation Laws with Singular Diffusion and Nonlinear Dispersion
      Mai Duc Thanh

15. A Characterization of Cayley Graphs of Brandt Semigroups
      Behnam Khosravi and Bahman Khosravi

16. About a Conjecture on the Randi c Index of Graphs
      Liancui Zuo

17. The Radius of Convexity and a Sufficient Condition for Starlike Mappings
       Ming‐Sheng Liu and Yu‐Can Zhu


18. Hypersurfaces with Constant k‐th Mean Curvature in a Unit Sphere and Euclidean Space
      Shichang Shu and Annie Yi Han

19. Normality Criteria for Families of Meromorphic Function Concerning Shared Values
      Jianming Qi, Jie Ding and Lianzhong Yang

20. On the Sylow Normalizers of Some Simple Classical Groups
      N. Ahanjideh and A. Iranmanesh

21. On Meromorphic Starlike Functions of Reciprocal Order α
      Yong Sun, Wei‐Ping Kuang and Zhi‐Gang Wang

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